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A Taste of Bicol

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We boarded a passenger boat heading for Ormoc City from Cebu on a Friday night and arrived on the wee hours of Saturday morning and hopped on vans to take us to Tacloban where we waited for buses we could charter for our trip to Naga City. We passed through the suburbs of Leyte and crossed the famous, long and winding San Juanico Bridge. Passed through Catbalogan and Calbayog and reached the Allen Ferry Terminal in time to catch a ferry to take us across the San Bernardino Strait. The sea that night as we were crossing was rough with strong winds since a strom was brewing in some part of Luzon. But we reached the port of Matnog, the gateway to Luzon, safely and we boarded our buses again and travelled through Sorsogon’s countryside on zigzagging roads. And finally arrived in Naga City a little after midnight. We toured the city, sampled the variuos Bicolano food and delicacies, had our fill of Laing and Bicol Express, found this little street near the plaza lined by stalls selling all kinds of nuts where my sister and i could be found everyday during late afternoons or early evenings. After four days happily spent gallivanting around Naga City we headed home. We left Naga City early dawn onboard another chartered bus. The driver stopped by the Cagsawa Ruins where we had our breakfast and gazed in awe at the spectacular view of the majestic Mayon Volcano on a bright and sunny morning. After taking pictures we packed up and headed for Sorsogon and arrived at Pilar Port where we waited for the fastcraft to take us to Masbate where we would be boarding a passenger boat for Cebu. We spent a lazy afternoon in Masbate, visited churches and the town plaza. We had our dinner in a little cafeteria in Masbate’s commercial district before we boarded the boat to Cebu. A long and arduous trip but which I would always cherish.


Naga City Metropolitan Cathedral

san francisco church

San Francisco Church


Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Penafrancia



inside the Basilica


Cagsawa Ruins with the world-famous Mayon Volcano


creepy pathway among the ruins


perfect-coned, majestic Mount Mayon in Legazpi, Albay


with my sister, my mom and mom’s friends


Mount Mayon fromafar as we sped through towards Pilar Port, Sorsogon


gladys, minnie and mommy at the entrance of the Port of Masbate


sunset at the Masbate Port


a perfect Masbate sunset